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2003Decreased content of leaf ferredoxin changes electron distribution and limits photosynthesis in transgenic potato plantsHoltgrefe, S; Bader, KP; Horton, P; Scheibe, R ; von Schaewen, A; Backhausen, JE
2000Electron acceptors in isolated intact spinach chloroplasts act hierarchically to prevent over-reduction and competition for electronsBackhausen, JE; Kitzmann, C; Horton, P; Scheibe, R 
1998Transgenic potato plants with altered expression levels of chloroplast NADP-malate dehydrogenase: interactions between photosynthetic electron transport and malate metabolism in leaves and in isolated intact chloroplastsBackhausen, JE; Emmerlich, A; Holtgrefe, S; Horton, P; Nast, G; Rogers, JJM; Muller-Rober, B; Scheibe, R