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1994Conservation genetics and the role of botanical gardensHurka, H.
2003Contribution to the knowledge of the Flora of the Mongolian Altai [Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Flora des Mongolischen Altais]Neuffer, B. ; Oyuntsetseg, B.; Schamsran, Z.; Friesen, N. ; Hurka, H.
2003Contribution to the knowledge of the Flora of the Mongolian Altai IIGerman, D.; Neuffer, B. ; Friesen, N. ; Hurka, H.
1983Enzyme Profiles in the Genus CapsellaHurka, H.
2010Evolution of the mating system in the genus capsella (Brassicaceae)Paetsch, M.; Mayland-Quellhorst, S.; Hurka, H.; Neuffer, B. 
2003Evolutionary processes associated with biological invasions in the BrassicaceaeHurka, H.; Bleeker, W.; Neuffer, B. 
1988Germination behaviour in populations of Capsella bursa-pastoris (Cruciferae)Neuffer, B. ; Hurka, H.
1984Influence of population parameters on the genetic structure of Capsella populations.Hurka, H.
2006Intrageneric phylogeny of Capsella (Brassicaceae) and the origin of the tetraploid C-bursa-pastoris based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequencesSlotte, T.; Ceplitis, A.; Neuffer, B. ; Hurka, H.; Lascoux, M.
1995Perspectives of plant systematicsJensen, U.; Fischer, H.; Häger, K.-P.; Hurka, H.
1996Phylogenetic relationships of Thlaspi s.I. (subtribe Thlaspidinae, Lepidieae) and allied genera based on chloroplast DNA restriction- site variationZunk, K.; Mummenhoff, K. ; Koch, M.; Hurka, H.
2004Plant genetic resources in botanical gardensHurka, H.; Neuffer, B. ; Friesen, N. 
2004Species richness and composition during sylvigenesis in a tropical dry forest in northwestern Costa RicaHeinrich, A.; Hurka, H.
2019The Eurasian steppe belt: Status quo, origin and evolutionary historyHurka, H.; Friesen, N. ; Bernhardt, K-G; Neuffer, B. ; Smirnov, V, S.; Shmakov, I, A.; Blattner, F. R.