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2003Determination of the composition of lithium tantalate crystals by zero-birefringence measurementsBaumer, C; Berben, D; Buse, K; Hesse, H; Imbrock, J
2002Holographic light scattering in photorefractive crystals with local responseGoulkov, M; Odoulov, S; Woike, T; Imbrock, J; Imlau, M ; Kratzig, E; Baumer, C; Hesse, H
1999Nonvolatile holographic storage in iron-doped lithium tantalate with continuous-wave laser lightImbrock, J; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
1999Nonvolatile holographic storage in photorefractive lithium tantalate crystals with laser pulsesImbrock, J; Wevering, S; Buse, K; Kratzig, E
2004Photorefractive properties of iron-doped lithium tantalate crystalsImbrock, J; Baumer, C; Hesse, H; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
2002Photorefractive properties of lithium and copper in-diffused lithium niobate crystalsImbrock, J; Wirp, A; Kip, D; Kratzig, E; Berben, D
2004Photorefractive properties of undoped lithium tantalate crystals for various compositionHoltmann, F; Imbrock, J; Baumer, C; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E; Kip, D
1997Refractive indices of photorefractive bismuth titanate, barium-calcium titanate, bismuth germanium oxide, and lead germanateSimon, M; Mersch, F; Kuper, C; Mendricks, S; Wevering, S; Imbrock, J; Kratzig, E
2001Relaxation of light-induced absorption changes in photorefractive lithium tantalate crystalsWevering, S; Imbrock, J; Kratzig, E