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2012Analysis and design of stimulus response curves of E. coliKremling, A.; Goehler, A.; Jahreis, K.; Nees, M.; Auerbach, B.; Schmidt-Heck, W.; Kökpinar, Ö.; Geffers, R.; Rinas, U.; Bettenbrock, K.
2009Bacterial PEP-dependent carbohydrate: Phosphotransferase systems couple sensing and global control mechanismsLengeler, J.W.; Jahreis, K.
2010cAMP Signaling in ProkaryotesJahreis, K.
1996Chapter 25 Phosphotransferase systems or PTSs as carbohydrate transport and as signal transduction systemsLengeler, J.W.; Jahreis, K.
2012Characterization of the interaction between the small regulatory peptide SgrT and the EIICBGlc of the glucose- phosphotransferase system of E. coli K-12Kosfeld, A.; Jahreis, K.
2004Chemotactic Signaling by an Escherichia coli CheA Mutant That Lacks the Binding Domain for Phosphoacceptor PartnersJahreis, K.; Morrison, T.B.; Garzón, A.; Parkinson, J.S.
2009MHC class II variation in the endangered European mink Mustela lutreola (L. 1761)-consequences for species conservationBecker, L.; Nieberg, C.; Jahreis, K.; Peters, E.
2000Rapid phosphotransfer to CheY from a CheA protein lacking the CheY-binding domainStewart, R.C.; Jahreis, K.; Parkinson, J.S.
2019The micorryzal fungi Ceratobasidium sp. and Sebacina vermifera promote seed germination and seedling development of the terrestrial orchid Epidendrum secundum JacqDuran-Lopez, M. E.; Caroca-Caceres, R.; Jahreis, K.; Narvaez-Vera, M.; Ansaloni, R.; Cazar, M. E.
2000The Organization of Metabolic Reaction Networks: A Signal-Oriented Approach to Cellular ModelsKremling, A.; Jahreis, K.; Lengeler, J. W.; Gilles, E. D.