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2018A new stacking variant of Na2Pt(OH)(6)Thakur, Gohil S.; Reuter, Hans ; Felser, Claudia; Jansen, Martin
2018Circumventing the perovskite pattern: Linear ruthenate(V) polyoxoanions in Bi2NaRuO6Prasad, Beluvalli E.; Reuter, Hans ; Schnelle, Walter; Felser, Claudia; Jansen, Martin
2021Na9Bi5Os3O24: A Diamagnetic Oxide Featuring a Pronouncedly Jahn-Teller-Compressed Octahedral Coordination of Osmium(VI)Thakur, Gohil S.; Reuter, Hans ; Ushakov, Alexey V.; Gallo, Gianpiero; Nuss, Juergen; Dinnebier, Robert E.; Streltsov, Sergey V.; Khomskii, Daniel I.; Jansen, Martin
2019New Ag8PtO6: synthesis, crystal structure, physical properties and theoretical analysesThakur, Gohil Singh; Reuter, Hans ; Rosner, Helge; Fecher, Gerhard H.; Felser, Claudia; Jansen, Martin
2019Redetermination of Sr2PdO3 from single-crystal X-ray dataThakur, Gohil S.; Reuter, Hans ; Felser, Claudia; Jansen, Martin