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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A cross-cultural comparison of the development of the social smile A longitudinal study of maternal and infant imitation in 6- and 12-week-old infantsWoermann, Viktoriya; Holodynski, Manfred; Kaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi
2020A Pleading for the Relevance of comparative Psychology for the Understanding of human DevelopmentHaun, Daniel B. M.; Liebal, Katja; Amici, Federica; Bender, Andrea; Bohn, Manuel; Braeuer, Juliane; Buttelmann, David; Burkart, Judith; Cacchione, Trix; DeTroy, Sarah; Fassbender, Ina; Fichtel, Claudia; Fischer, Julia; Gampe, Anja; Gray, Russel; Horn, Lisa; Ona, Linda; Kaertner, Joscha; Kaminski, Juliane; Kanngiesser, Patricia; Keller, Heidi; Koester, Moritz; Kopp, Kathrin Susanne; Kornadt, Hans-Joachim; Rakoczy, Hannes; Schuppli, Caroline; Stengelin, Roman; Trommsdorff, Gisela; van Leeuwen, Edwin; van Schaik, Carel
2010Cognitive and Social Influences on Early Prosocial Behavior in Two Sociocultural ContextsKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita
2008Concern for generativity and its relation to implicit pro-social power motivation, generative goals, and satisfaction with life: A cross-cultural investigationHofer, Jan; Busch, Holger; Chasiotis, Athanasios; Kaertner, Joscha; Campos, Domingo
2016Cultural Influences on Toddlers' Prosocial Behavior: How Maternal Task Assignment Relates to Helping OthersKoester, Moritz; Cavalcante, Lilia; Cruz de Carvalho, Rafael Vera; Resende, Briseida Dogo; Kaertner, Joscha
2012Culture-Specific Developmental Pathways to Prosocial Behavior: A Comment on Bischof-Kohler's Universalist PerspectiveKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi
2013Early Reminiscing in Cultural Contexts: Cultural Models, Maternal Reminiscing Styles, and Children's MemoriesSchroeder, Lisa; Keller, Heidi; Kaertner, Joscha; Kleis, Astrid; Abels, Monika; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita; Jensen, Henning; Papaligoura, Zaira
2009Individualism-collectivism as Descriptive Norms Development of a Subjective Norm Approach to Culture MeasurementFischer, Ronald; Ferreira, Maria Cristina; Assmar, Eveline; Redford, Paul; Harb, Charles; Glazer, Sharon; Cheng, Bor-Shiuan; Jiang, Ding-Yu; Wong, Corbin C.; Kumar, Neelam; Kaertner, Joscha; Hofer, Jan; Achoui, Mustapha
2016Infants Understand Others' NeedsKoester, Moritz; Ohmer, Xenia; Nguyen, Thanh Dung; Kaertner, Joscha
2010Is Self-Determined Functioning a Universal Prerequisite for Motive-Goal Congruence? Examining the Domain of Achievement in Three CulturesHofer, Jan; Busch, Holger; Bond, Michael Harris; Kaertner, Joscha; Kiessling, Florian; Law, Ruby
2007Manifestations of autonomy and relatedness in mothers' accounts of their ethnotheories regarding child care across five cultural communitiesKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Lamm, Bettina; Abels, Monika; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita
2009Maternal Interactional Quality in Two Cultural Environments German Middle Class and Cameroonian Rural MothersYovsi, Relindis D.; Kaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Lohaus, Arnold
2018Maternal socialization goals and the spontaneous prosocial behavior of children in rural contextsFonseca, Bianca Reis; Chaves Cavalcante, Lilia Ieda; Kaertner, Joscha; Koester, Moritz
2010Mother-Infant Interaction During the First 3 Months: The Emergence of Culture-Specific Contingency PatternsKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Yovsi, Relindis D.
2013Parenting Infants: Socialization Goals and Behaviors of Italian Mothers and Immigrant Mothers From West AfricaCarra, Cecilia; Lavelli, Manuela; Keller, Heidi; Kaertner, Joscha
2016Reactions to Receiving a Gift-Maternal Scaffolding and Cultural Learning in Berlin and DelhiKaertner, Joscha; Crafa, Daina; Chaudhary, Nandita; Keller, Heidi
2008Similarities and differences in contingency experiences of 3-month-olds across sociocultural contextsKaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Lamm, Bettina; Abels, Monika; Yovsi, Relindis D.; Chaudhary, Nandita; Sue, Yanjie
2012Sticking out and fitting in: Culture-specific predictors of 3-year-olds' autobiographical memories during joint reminiscingSchroeder, Lisa; Kaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi; Chaudhary, Nandita
2015Telling a ``baby story'': Mothers narrating their pre-schoolers' past across two cultural contextsSchroeder, Lisa; Kaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi
2014The Emergence of Social Smiling The Interplay of Maternal and Infant Imitation During the First Three Months in Cross-Cultural ComparisonWoermann, Viktoriya; Holodynski, Manfred; Kaertner, Joscha; Keller, Heidi