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2015Chitin is a necessary component to maintain the barrier function of the peritrophic matrix in the insect midgutKelkenberg, Marco; Odman-Naresh, Jothini; Muthukrishnan, Subbaratnam; Merzendorfer, Hans 
2015Functional analysis of the peritrophic matrix from Tribolium castaneumKelkenberg, Marco
2014Two essential peritrophic matrix proteins mediate matrix barrier functions in the insect midgutAgrawal, Sinu; Kelkenberg, Marco; Begum, Khurshida; Steinfeld, Lea; Williams, Clay E.; Kramer, Karl J.; Beeman, Richard W.; Park, Yoonseong; Muthukrishnan, Subbaratnam; Merzendorfer, Hans