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2013Effect of short-range order on transport in one-particle tight-binding modelsKhodja, Abdellah; Gemmer, Jochen 
2016Initial-state-independent equilibration at the breakdown of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesisKhodja, Abdellah; Schmidtke, Daniel; Gemmer, Jochen 
2015Investigations of transport phenomena and dynamical relaxation in closed quantum systemsKhodja, Abdellah
2015Relevance of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis for thermal relaxationKhodja, Abdellah; Steinigeweg, Robin ; Gemmer, Jochen 
2014Transport in tight-binding bond percolation modelsSchmidtke, Daniel; Khodja, Abdellah; Gemmer, Jochen 
2013Transport in topologically disordered one-particle, tight-binding modelsKhodja, Abdellah; Niemeyer, Hendrik; Gemmer, Jochen