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2010Attentional Sensitization of Unconscious Cognition: Task Sets Modulate Subsequent Masked Semantic PrimingKiefer, Markus; Martens, Ulla
2014BrassiBase: Introduction to a Novel Knowledge Database on Brassicaceae EvolutionKiefer, Markus; Schmickl, Roswitha; German, Dmitry A.; Mandakova, Terezie; Lysak, Martin A.; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Franzke, Andreas; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; Stamatakis, Alexandros; Koch, Marcus A.
2012BrassiBase: Tools and biological resources to study characters and traits in the Brassicaceae-version 1.1Koch, Marcus A.; Kiefer, Markus; German, Dmitry A.; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Franzke, Andreas; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; Schmickl, Rosvvitha
2011Controlling the Unconscious: Attentional Task Sets Modulate Subliminal Semantic and Visuomotor Processes DifferentiallyMartens, Ulla; Ansorge, Ulrich ; Kiefer, Markus
2009Increased unconscious semantic activation in schizophrenia patients with formal thought disorderKiefer, Markus; Martens, Ulla; Weisbrod, Matthias; Hermle, Leo; Spitzer, Manfred
2020Nested whole-genome duplications coincide with diversification and high morphological disparity in BrassicaceaeWalden, Nora; German, Dmitry A.; Wolf, Eva M.; Kiefer, Markus; Rigault, Philippe; Huang, Xiao-Chen; Kiefer, Christiane; Schmickl, Roswitha; Franzke, Andreas; Neuffer, Barbara ; Mummenhoff, Klaus ; Koch, Marcus A.
2010Testing the theory of embodied cognition with subliminal wordsAnsorge, Ulrich ; Kiefer, Markus; Khalid, Shah ; Grassl, Sylvia; Koenig, Peter 
2014Unconscious vision and executive control: How unconscious processing and conscious action control interactAnsorge, Ulrich ; Kunde, Wilfried; Kiefer, Markus