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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002(1+1)-Dimensional modulation instability of spatially incoherent lightKip, D; Soljacic, M; Segev, M; Sears, SM; Christodoulides, DN
1998All-optical beam deflection and switching in strontium-barium-niobate waveguidesKip, D; Wesner, M; Kratzig, E; Shandarov, V; Moretti, P
2002All-optical signal routing using interaction of mutually incoherent spatial solitonsKip, D; Herden, C; Wesner, M
1999Copper diffusion into lithium niobateHukriede, J; Gather, B; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
1999Direct laser writing of surface reliefs in dry, self-developing photopolymer filmsNeumann, J; Wieking, KS; Kip, D
1999Dynamic properties of multiple grating formation in doped and thermally treated lead germanateMendricks, S; Yue, X; Pankrath, R; Hesse, H; Kip, D
2001Electric-field enhancement of beam coupling in Sn2P2S6Shumelyuk, A; Odoulov, S; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
2001Electrical fixing of waveguide channels in strontium-barium niobate crystalsWesner, M; Herden, C; Kip, D
2000Eliminating the transverse instabilities of Kerr solitonsAnastassiou, C; Soljacic, M; Segev, M; Eugenieva, ED; Christodoulides, DN; Kip, D; Musslimani, ZH; Torres, JP
1998Holographic measurement of dark conductivity in LiNbO3 : Ti : Fe planar optical waveguidesKip, D; Hukriede, J; Kratzig, E
1998Holographic recording in planar Cu : H : LiTaO3 waveguidesKostritskii, SM; Kip, D
2002Holographic reflection filters in photorefractive LiNbO3 channel waveguidesKip, D; Hukriede, J
2002Holographic reflection filters in photorefractive LiNbO<sub>3</sub> channel waveguidesKip, D; Hukriede, J
1997Improvement of photorefractive properties of proton-exchanged LiTaO3 waveguidesKostritskii, SM; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
2001Influence of oxidizing treatments on the photorefractive properties of ferroelectric lead germanate crystalsHu, Y; Kip, D; Mendricks, S; Yue, XF; Kratzig, E
1999Interaction of spatial photorefractive solitons in a planar waveguideKip, D; Wesner, M; Herden, C; Shandarov, V
2000Investigation of titanium- and copper-indiffused channel waveguides in lithium niobate and their application as holographic filters for infrared lightHukriede, J; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
2005Magnesium-doped near-stoichiometric lithium tantalate crystals for nonlinear opticsWirp, A; Baumer, C; Hesse, H; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
2000Modulation instability and pattern formation in spatially incoherent light beamsKip, D; Soljacic, M; Segev, M; Eugenieva, E; Christodoulides, DN
1999Multiple phase gratings in pure, Yb- and P-doped Pb5Ge3O11 after different thermal treatmentsYue, XF; Mendricks, S; Nikolajsen, T; Hesse, H; Kip, D; Kratzig, E