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1998A model of the quaternary structure of the Escherichia coli F-1 ATPase from X-ray solution scattering and evidence for structural changes in the delta subunit during ATP hydrolysisSvergun, DI; Aldag, I; Sieck, T; Altendorf, K ; Koch, MHJ; Kane, DJ; Kozin, MB; Gruber, G
2000Evidence for major structural changes in the Manduca sexta midgut V(1) ATPase due to redox modulation - A small angle X-ray scattering studyGruber, G; Svergun, DI; Godovac-Zimmermann, J; Harvey, WR; Wieczorek, H ; Koch, MHJ
1998Quaternary structure of V-1 and F-1 ATPase: Significance of structural homologies and diversitiesSvergun, DI; Konrad, S; Huss, M ; Koch, MHJ; Wieczorek, H ; Altendorf, K ; Volkov, VV; Gruber, G
2000Solution structure and conformational changes of the Streptomyces chitin-binding protein (CHB1)Svergun, DI; Becirevic, A; Schrempf, H ; Koch, MHJ; Gruber, G
2001Structural insights into the A(1) ATPase from the archaeon, Methanosarcina mazei Go1Gruber, G; Svergun, DI; Coskun, U; Lemker, T; Koch, MHJ; Schagger, H; Muller, V