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2019Disturbance Size Can Be Compensated for by Spatial Fragmentation in Soil Microbial EcosystemsKoenig, Sara; Koehnke, Merlin C.; Firle, Anouk-Letizia; Banitz, Thomas; Centler, Florian; Frank, Karin ; Thullner, Martin
2017Impact of Parameter Variability and Environmental Noise on the Klausmeier Model of Vegetation Pattern FormationKoehnke, Merlin C.; Malchow, Horst 
2018Observation of a 27-day solar signature in noctilucent cloud altitudeKoehnke, Merlin C.; von Savigny, Christian; Robert, Charles E.
2020Taxis-driven pattern formation in a predator-prey model with group defenseKoehnke, Merlin C.; Siekmann, Ivo; Malchow, Horst 
2020The necessity of tailored control of irrupting pest populations driven by pulsed resourcesKoehnke, Merlin C.; Binny, Rachelle N.; Holland, E. Penelope; James, Alex