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2004Composition dependence of the OH-stretch-mode spectrum in lithium tantalateBaumer, C; David, C; Betzler, K ; Hesse, H; Lengyel, K; Kovacs, L; Wohlecke, M
1997Composition dependence of the ultraviolet absorption edge in lithium niobateKovacs, L; Ruschhaupt, G; Polgar, K; Corradi, G; Wohlecke, M
1999Fundamental and overtone spectra of the OH and OD stretch mode in congruent and stoichiometric LiTaO3Wierschem, M; Baumer, C; Jovanovic, A; Wohlecke, M; Kapphan, S; Kovacs, L
2004Gap levels of Ti3+ on Nb or Li sites in LiNbO3 :(Mg): Ti crystals and their effect on charge transfer processesCorradi, G; Meyer, M; Kovacs, L; Polgar, K
2001OH- ions in oxide crystalsWohlecke, M; Kovacs, L
2002Stretching potential and equilibrium length of the OH bond in solidsSzalay, V; Kovacs, L; Wohlecke, M; Libowitzky, E
2004Structure of the OH- stretching vibrational band in SrxBa1-xNb2O6David, C; Tunyagi, A; Ulex, M; Wohlecke, M; Betzler, K ; Lengyel, K; Kovacs, L