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2012Band-gap variation in RScO3 (R = Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, and Dy): X-ray absorption and O K-edge x-ray emission spectroscopiesDerks, C.; Kuepper, K.; Raekers, M.; Postnikov, A. V.; Uecker, R.; Yang, W. L.; Neumann, M.
2009Charge order, enhanced orbital moment, and absence of magnetic frustration in layered multiferroic LuFe2O4Kuepper, K.; Raekers, M.; Taubitz, C.; Prinz, M.; Derks, C.; Neumann, M.; Postnikov, A. V.; de Groot, F. M. F.; Piamonteze, C.; Prabhakaran, D.; Blundell, S. J.
2018Effect of transition metal oxidation state on crystal structure and magnetic ordering in frustrated ABaM(4)O(7) systems (A= Y, Ca; M= Co, Fe): X-ray diffraction, soft X-ray absorption, and magnetization studiesGalakhov, V. R.; Turkin, D. I.; Mesilov, V. V.; Shamin, S. N.; Bazuev, G. V.; Kuepper, K.
2021Effects of the C interstitial doping on the magnetic properties of LTP MnBiHirian, R.; Dudric, R.; Isnard, O.; Kuepper, K.; Coldea, M.; Barbu-Tudoran, L.; Pop, V; Benea, D.
2018Electrical resistivity, magnetism and electronic structure of the intermetallic 3d/4f Laves phase compounds ErNi2MnxBalinski, K.; Kuznetsova, T. V.; Gerasimov, E. G.; Protasov, A. V.; Marchenkov, V. V.; Mushnikov, N. V.; Galakhov, V. R.; Mesilov, V. V.; Shamin, S. N.; Gaviko, V. S.; Senkovskiy, B. V.; Fijalkowski, M.; Schneider, L.; Slebarski, A.; Chrobak, A.; Kuepper, K.
2016Electronic and magnetic structure of epitaxial Fe3O4(001)/NiO heterostructures grown on MgO(001) and Nb-doped SrTiO3(001)Kuepper, K.; Kuschel, O.; Pathe, N. ; Schemme, T. ; Schmalhorst, J.; Thomas, A.; Arenholz, E.; Gorgoi, M.; Ovsyannikov, R.; Bartkowski, S.; Reiss, G.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2009Electronic and magnetic structure of RScO3 (R=Sm,Gd,Dy) from x-ray spectroscopies and first-principles calculationsRaekers, M.; Kuepper, K.; Bartkowski, S.; Prinz, M.; Postnikov, A. V.; Potzger, K.; Zhou, S.; Arulraj, A.; Stuesser, N.; Uecker, R.; Yang, W. L.; Neumann, M.
2006Electronic structure and x-ray spectra of defective oxides LixCoO2Galakhov, V. R.; Ovechkina, N. A.; Shkvarin, A. S.; Shamin, S. N.; Kurmaev, E. Z.; Kuepper, K.; Takacs, A. F.; Raekers, M.; Robin, S. ; Neumann, M.; Gavrila, G. -N.; Semenova, A. S.; Kellerman, D. G.; Kaambre, T.; Nordgren, J.
2012Electronic Structure of Rare-Earth Scandates from X-Ray Spectroscopy and First-Principles CalculationsPostnikov, A. V.; Derks, C.; Kuepper, K.; Neumann, M.
2018Element specific determination of the magnetic properties of two macrocyclic tetranuclear 3d-4f complexes with a Cu3Tb core by means of X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD)Balinski, K.; Schneider, L.; Woellermann, J.; Buling, A.; Joly, L.; Piamonteze, C.; Feltham, H. L. C.; Brooker, S.; Powell, A. K.; Delley, B.; Kuepper, K.
2020Enhanced magnetization of ultrathin NiFe2O4 films on SrTiO3 (001) related to cation disorder and anomalous strainRodewald, J. ; Thien, J.; Ruwisch, K.; Bertram, F. ; Kuepper, K.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2006Excitation dynamics in La0.875Sr0.125MnO3 measured by resonant Auger electron and resonant x-ray emission spectroscopiesMentes, T. O.; Bondino, F.; Magnano, E.; Zangrando, M.; Kuepper, K.; Galakhov, V. R.; Mukovskii, Y. M.; Neumann, M.; Parmigiani, F.
2006Excited and ground state properties of LaSrMnO4: A combined X-ray spectroscopic studyKuepper, K.; Klingeler, R.; Reutler, P.; Buechner, B.; Neumann, M.
2008Fe valence state of Sr(2)FeMoO(6) probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy: The sample age mattersKuepper, K.; Raekers, M.; Taubitz, C.; Hesse, H.; Neumann, M.; Young, A. T.; Piamonteze, C.; Bondino, F.; Prince, K. C.
2013Fe3O4 films on Ag(001)-Generation of high-quality epitaxial ferrimagnetic metal oxide filmsBruns, D.; Lindemann, S. R.; Kuepper, K.; Schemme, T. ; Wollschlaeger, J.
2019Formation of ultrathin cobalt ferrite films by interdiffusion of Fe3O4/CoO bilayersRodewald, J. ; Thien, J.; Pohlmann, T.; Hoppe, M.; Timmer, F.; Bertram, F. ; Kuepper, K.; Wollschlaeger, J.
2016From Fe3O4/NiO bilayers to NiFe2O4-like thin films through Ni interdiffusionKuschel, O.; Buss, R. ; Spiess, W.; Schemme, T. ; Woellermann, J.; Balinski, K.; N'Diaye, A. T.; Kuschel, T. ; Wollschlaeger, J.; Kuepper, K.
2021Inferface Magnetization Phenomena in Epitaxial Thin Fe3O4/CoxFe3-xO4 BilayersRuwisch, K.; Pohlmann, T.; Hoppe, M.; Bertram, F. ; Shafer, P.; Wollschlager, J. ; Kuepper, K.
2006Magnetic and electronic properties of the iron-containing polyoxotungstate [Fe-4(H2O)(10)(beta-SbW9O33)(2)](6-)Prinz, M.; Takacs, A. F.; Schnack, J. ; Balasz, I.; Burzo, E.; Kortz, U.; Kuepper, K.; Neumann, M.
2015Magnetic anisotropy related to strain and thickness of ultrathin iron oxide films on MgO(001)Schemme, T. ; Pathe, N. ; Niu, G.; Bertram, F. ; Kuschel, T. ; Kuepper, K.; Wollschlaeger, J.