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2017Architecture and mechanism of the late endosomal Rab7-like Ypt7 guanine nucleotide exchange factor complex Mon1-Ccz1Kiontke, Stephan; Langemeyer, Lars; Kuhlee, Anne; Schuback, Saskia; Raunser, Stefan; Ungermann, Christian ; Kuemmel, Daniel 
2015Functional homologies in vesicle tetheringKuhlee, Anne; Raunser, Stefan; Ungermann, Christian 
2013HOPS - Molecular Insights into Vesicle SortingKuhlee, Anne; Gatsogiannis, Christos; Broecker, Cornelia; Ungermann, Christian ; Raunser, Stefan
2012Molecular architecture of the multisubunit homotypic fusion and vacuole protein sorting (HOPS) tethering complexBroecker, Cornelia; Kuhlee, Anne; Gatsogiannis, Christos; Balderhaar, Henning J. Kleine; Hoenscher, Carina; Engelbrecht-Vandre, Siegfried; Ungermann, Christian ; Raunser, Stefan
2017Multivalent Rab interactions determine tether-mediated membrane fusionLuerick, Anna; Gao, Jieqiong; Kuhlee, Anne; Yavavli, Erdal; Langemeyer, Lars; Perz, Angela; Raunser, Stefan; Ungermann, Christian 
2017Retromer-driven membrane tubulation separates endosomal recycling from Rab7/Ypt7-dependent fusionPurushothaman, Latha Kallur; Arlt, Henning ; Kuhlee, Anne; Raunser, Stefan; Ungermann, Christian 
2014Structural Identification of the Vps18 beta-Propeller Reveals a Critical Role in the HOPS Complex Stability and FunctionBehrmann, Heide; Luerick, Anna; Kuhlee, Anne; Balderhaar, Henning Kleine; Broecker, Cornelia; Kuemmel, Daniel ; Engelbrecht-Vandre, Siegfried; Gohlke, Ulrich; Raunser, Stefan; Heinemann, Udo; Ungermann, Christian 
2015The H-abc Domain of the SNARE Vam3 Interacts with the HOPS Tethering Complex to Facilitate Vacuole FusionLuerick, Anna; Kuhlee, Anne; Broecker, Cornelia; Kuemmel, Daniel ; Raunser, Stefan; Ungermann, Christian