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1998Electrooptic and photorefractive properties of ferroelectric barium-calcium titanate crystalsKuper, C; Buse, K; Van Stevendaal, U; Weber, M; Leidlo, T; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E
1997Growth and dielectric properties of congruently melting Ba1-xCaxTiO3 crystalsKuper, C; Pankrath, R; Hesse, H
1999Holographic and non-steady-state photocurrent characterization of photorefractive barium-calcium titanateKorneev, N; Mayorga, D; Stepanov, S; Veenhuis, H; Buse, K; Kuper, C; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E
1999Light-induced charge transport in photorefractive BaTiO3 : Fe and Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 : FeMazur, A; Veber, C; Schirmer, OF; Kuper, C; Hesse, H
1999Light-induced charge transport processes in photorefractive Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 doped with ironMazur, A; Veber, C; Schirmer, OF; Kuper, C; Hesse, H
2000Light-induced charge-transport properties of photorefractive barium-calcium-titanate crystals doped with ironVeenhuis, H; Borger, T; Buse, K; Kuper, C; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E
1997Refractive indices of photorefractive bismuth titanate, barium-calcium titanate, bismuth germanium oxide, and lead germanateSimon, M; Mersch, F; Kuper, C; Mendricks, S; Wevering, S; Imbrock, J; Kratzig, E
1998X-ray photoelectron diffraction of ABO(3)-type perovskites: site determination for dopantsSchneider, B; Niemann, R; Kuper, C; Hesse, H; Neumann, M