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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005A comparison of some methods for the determination of the degree of substitution of carboxymethyl starchStojanovic, Z; Jeremic, K; Jovanovic, S; Lechner, MD
2004A feasible method to determine the critical DS for modified polysaccharide derivatives' gelation by gel point, t(g)Xing, H; Nierling, W; Lechner, MD
2000Characterization of nanoparticlesLechner, MD; Machtle, W
1999Characterization of nanoparticlesLechner, MD; Machtle, W
1995Comparison of technological test procedures for the characterization of processing behaviourSaatkamp, T; Lechner, MD; Otten, M; Vennemann, N
2000Conformational changes preceding decapsidation of bromegrass mosaic virus under hydrostatic pressure: A small-angle neutron scattering studyLeimkuhler, M; Goldbeck, A; Lechner, MD; Witz, J
1997Copolymerization of butadiene/isoprene with rare earth catalyst systemGehrke, K; Kruger, G; Lechner, MD
2004Hydrodynamic and electrooptical properties of fullerene-containing poly(ethylene oxides) in benzeneLavrenko, PN; Yevlampieva, NP; Lechner, MD; Borger, L; Vinogradova, LV
1996Influence of conditions of synthesis on molecular properties of polybutadieneGehrke, K; Boldt, D; Gebauer, U; Lechner, MD
2001Influence of the cross-linking agent on the gel structure of starch derivativesSeidel, C; Kulicke, WM; Hess, C; Hartmann, B; Lechner, MD; Lazik, W
2004Light scattering studies on ternary polymer blend solutions comprising poly(hydroxybutyrate)Chee, MJK; Kummerlowe, C; Lechner, MD; Kammer, HW
2000Photoisomerization of disperse red one in films of poly(methyl-methacrylate) at high pressureKleideiter, G; Sekkat, Z; Kreiter, M; Lechner, MD; Knoll, W
1999Physical vapor-deposited thin hard films on polymers: sample preparation for SEM analysisRiester, M; Lechner, MD; Hilgers, H
1999Polymer thin film properties as a function of temperature and pressureKleideiter, G; Prucker, O; Bock, H; Frank, CW; Lechner, MD; Knoll, W
1996Polymerization of butadiene with the catalyst system Nd(oct)(3)/Al(i-but)(2)Cl/Al(i-but)(3)Gehrke, K; Kruger, C; Gebauer, U; Lechner, MD
1997Polymerization time and total catalyst concentration change cis-1,4-polybutadieneOehme, A; Gebauer, U; Gehrke, K; Lechner, MD
1999Polymorphism of turnip yellow mosaic virus empty shells and evidence for conformational changes occurring after release of the viral RNA - A differential scanning calorimetric studyMichels, B; Leimkuhler, M; Lechner, MD; Adrian, M; Lorber, B; Witz, J
1999Pressure dependence of thickness and refractive index of thin PMMA-films investigated by surface plasmon and optical waveguide spectroscopyKleideiter, G; Lechner, MD; Knoll, W
1998Properties of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers in solutionEndres, W; Lechner, MD; Steinberger, R
1997Static density gradient centrifugation; extended Hermans-Ende equationLechner, MD