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2008Alkanibacter difficilis gen. nov., sp nov and Singularimonas variicoloris gen. nov., sp nov., hexane-degrading bacteria isolated from a hexane-treated biofilterFriedricht, Michele M.; Lipski, Andre
2010Characterisation of hexane-degrading microorganisms in a biofilter by stable isotope-based fatty acid analysis, FISH and cultivationFriedrich, Michele M.; Lipski, Andre
2007Characterization of the endoevaporitic microbial communities in a hypersaline gypsum crust by fatty acid analysisIonescu, Danny; Lipski, Andre; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Oren, Aharon
2008Chryseobacterium ureilyticum sp nov., Chryseobacterium gambrini sp nov., Chryseobacterium pallidum sp nov and Chryseobacterium molle sp nov., isolated from beer-bottling plantsHerzog, Peter; Winkler, Ilka; Wolking, Dorothee; Kaempfer, Peter; Lipski, Andre
2007Cultivation of a novel cold-adapted nitrite oxidizing betaproteobacterium from the Siberian ArcticAlawi, Mashal; Lipski, Andre; Sanders, Tina; Eva-Maria-Pfeiffer; Spieck, Eva
2008Identity, beer spoiling and biofilm forming potential of yeasts from beer bottling plant associated biofilmsTimke, Markus; Wang-Lieu, Ngoc Quynh; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Lipski, Andre
2006Lettuce for human consumption collected in Costa Rica contains complex communities of culturable oxytetracycline- and gentamicin-resistant bacteriaRodriguez, Cesar; Lang, Lore; Wang, Amy; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Garcia, Fernando; Lipski, Andre
2022Low membrane fluidity triggers lipid phase separation and protein segregation in living bacteriaGohrbandt, Marvin; Lipski, Andre; Grimshaw, James W.; Buttress, Jessica A.; Baig, Zunera; Herkenhoff, Brigitte; Walter, Stefan; Kurre, Rainer ; Deckers-Hebestreit, Gabriele ; Strahl, Henrik
2007Methanogenic activity and biomass in Holocene permafrost deposits of the Lena Delta, Siberian Arctic and its implication for the global methane budgeWagner, Dirk; Gattinger, Andreas; Embacher, Arndt; Pfeiffer, Eva-Maria; Schloter, Michael; Lipski, Andre
2009Microbial communities and processes within a hypersaline gypsum crust in a saltern evaporation pond (Eilat, Israel)Oren, Aharon; Sorensen, Ketil B.; Canfield, Don E.; Teske, Andreas P.; Ionescu, Danny; Lipski, Andre; Altendorf, Karlheinz 
2008Oceaniserpentilla haliotis gen. nov., sp nov., a marine bacterium isolated from haemolymph serum of blacklip abaloneSchloesser, Andreas; Lipski, Andre; Schmalfuss, Jochen; Kugler, Frank; Beckmann, Gero
2013Relevance and Diversity of Nitrospira Populations in Biofilters of Brackish RASKruse, Myriam; Keuter, Sabine; Bakker, Evert; Spieck, Eva; Eggers, Till; Lipski, Andre
2008Spraying of oxytetracycline and gentamicin onto field-grown coriander did not affect the abundance of resistant bacteria, resistance genes, and broad host range plasmids detected in tropical soil bacteriaRodriguez-Sanchez, Cesar; Altendorf, Karlheinz ; Smalla, Kornelia; Lipski, Andre
2013The nitrite-oxidizing community in activated sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant determined by fatty acid methyl ester-stable isotope probingKruse, Myriam; Zumbraegel, Sabine; Bakker, Evert; Spieck, Eva; Eggers, Till; Lipski, Andre