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2017Challenges in occupational dermatological Individual Prevention in Patients with a Migration BackgroundHansen, A.; Hubner, A.; Ludewig, M.; John, S. M. ; Wilke, A.
2019ForMulA UV 2.0: Validation, Implementation and Evaluation of a Advanced Traning for Multipliers for the Prevention of Skin Cancer caused by natural UV Radiation among Employees in Outdoor OccupationsLudewig, M.; Rocholl, M.; John, S. M. ; Sonsmann, F.; Wilke, A.
2017Indications for Individual Light Protection Consulting Service (ILB) in the Prevention of the new BK no. 5103: Representation of different Case ConstellationsLudewig, M.; Rocholl, M.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M. ; Wilke, A.
2018Occupational skin cancer. Prevention and recommendations for UV protection as part of the treatment approved by the public statutory employers' liability insuranceRocholl, M.; Ludewig, M.; Skudlik, C. ; Wilke, A.
2017Personal UV-Protection Measures from the Perspective of External Workers: Results of guidance-based InterviewsRocholl, M.; Ludewig, M.; John, S. M. ; Bitzer, E. M.; Wilke, A.
2018Prevention of skin cancer caused by natural UV irradiation for outdoor workers: Development of a curriculum for multipliers as a result of the project ``ForMulA UV''Ludewig, M.; Rocholl, M.; Heichel, T.; Braumann, A.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M. ; Wilke, A.
2016Secondary Prevention of UV-induced Skin Cancer (BK-No. 5103): Optimization of the personal UV-Light Protection Behavior by the ``Individual Light Protection-Consulting'' (ILB)Ludewig, M.; Rocholl, M.; Braumann, A.; Lange, K.; Skudlik, Ch; John, S. M. ; Wilke, A.