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2022Adverse skin reactions caused by masks in healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: an empirical investigation in a Lower Saxonian maximum-care hospitalSymanzik, C.; Koerbel-Peceny, C.; Luettje, D.; Engelhardt, M.; Skudlik, C. ; John, S. M. 
2012Impact of age on epidermal barrier function and skin microbiota: comparison of elderly and middle aged adultsBlaak, J.; Strothmann, L.; Hoppe, W.; Baron-Ruppert, G.; Kaup, O.; Luettje, D.; John, S. M. ; Schuerer, N. Y.
2011Irritability of the skin barrier: A comparison of chronologically aged and photo-aged skin in elderly and young adultsBlaak, J.; Luettje, D.; John, S. M. ; Schuerer, N. Y.