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2007Defect-induced spin deterioration of La0.64Sr0.36MnO3: Ab initio studyWang, Kunpeng; Ma, Yuchen; Betzler, Klaus 
2010Diabatic states of a photoexcited retinal chromophore from ab initio many-body perturbation theoryKaczmarski, Marcin S.; Ma, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael
2009Excited states of biological chromophores studied using many-body perturbation theory: Effects of resonant-antiresonant coupling and dynamical screeningMa, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael; Molteni, Carla
2012Excited States of Dicyanovinyl-Substituted Oligothiophenes from Many-Body Green's Functions TheoryBaumeier, Bjoern; Andrienko, Denis; Ma, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael
2010Excited states of the negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy color center in diamondMa, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael; Gali, Adam
2010Modeling the Excited States of Biological Chromophores within Many-Body Green's Function TheoryMa, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael; Molteni, Carla
2008Optical excitation of deep defect levels in insulators within many-body perturbation theory: The F center in calcium fluorideMa, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael
2007Quasiparticle band structure and optical spectrum of CaF2Ma, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael
2010Quasiparticle band structures and lifetimes in noble metals using Gaussian orbital basis setsYi, Zhijun; Ma, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael; Silkin, V. M.; Chulkov, E. V.
2011Silicon Donors at the GaAs(110) Surface: A First Principles StudyYi, Zhijun; Ma, Yuchen; Rohlfing, Michael
2007Simulation of interstitial diffusion in graphiteMa, Yuchen