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2022Constraints on infants' ability to extract non-adjacent dependencies from vowels and consonantsWeyers, Ivonne; Maennel, Claudia; Mueller, Jutta L.
2019Developmental changes in automatic rule-learning mechanisms across early childhoodMueller, Jutta L.; Friederici, Angela D.; Maennel, Claudia
2016Evolutionary origins of non-adjacent sequence processing in primate brain potentials2Milne, Alice E.; Mueller, Jutta L.; Maennel, Claudia; Attaheri, Adam; Friederici, Angela D.; Petkov, Christopher I.
2018Non-adjacent auditory sequence learning across development and primate speciesMueller, Jutta L.; Milne, Alice; Maennel, Claudia
2013The naive language expert: introduced to the research topicMueller, Jutta L.; Maennel, Claudia