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2015Atrial fibrillation is a risk marker for worse in-hospital and long-term outcome in patients with peripheral artery diseaseWasmer, Kristina; Unrath, Michael; Koebe, Julia; Malyar, Nasser M.; Freisinger, Eva; Meyborg, Matthias; Breithardt, Guenter; Eckardt, Lars; Reinecke, Holger
2018Low rate of revascularization procedures and poor prognosis particularly in male patients with peripheral artery disease - A propensity score matched analysisFreisinger, Eva; Malyar, Nasser M.; Reinecke, Holger; Unrath, Michael
2015Peripheral arterial disease and critical limb ischaemia: still poor outcomes and lack of guideline adherenceReinecke, Holger; Unrath, Michael; Freisinger, Eva; Bunzemeier, Holger; Meyborg, Matthias; Lueders, Florian; Gebauer, Katrin; Roeder, Norbert; Berger, Klaus; Malyar, Nasser M.