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2022Angle-bounded 2D mesh simplificationHinderink, Steffen; Mandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel 
2020Bezier Guarding: Precise Higher-Order Meshing of Curved 2D DomainsMandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel 
2020Efficient piecewise higher-order parametrization of discrete surfaces with local and global injectivityMandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel 
2021Guaranteed-Quality Higher-Order Triangular Meshing of 2D DomainsMandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel 
2022Intrinsic mixed-integer polycubes for hexahedral meshingMandad, Manish; Chen, Ruizhi; Bommes, David; Campen, Marcel 
2022The 3D Motorcycle Complex for Structured Volume DecompositionBrueckler, Hendrik; Gupta, Ojaswi; Mandad, Manish; Campen, Marcel