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2015A Decision Model for the Evaluation and Selection of Cloud Computing Services: A First Step Towards a More Sustainable PerspectiveWalterbusch, Marc; Martens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank 
2010Datenbank und Reifegradmodell für die Auswahl und Bewertung von Cloud-Computing-ServicesMartens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank ; Gräuler, Matthias
2012Decision-making in cloud computing environments: A cost and risk based approachMartens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank 
2011Design and implementation of a community platform for the evaluation and selection of cloud computing services: a market analysis.Martens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank ; Gräuler, Matthias
2013Exploring Trust In Cloud Computing: A Multi-Method ApproachWalterbusch, Marc; Martens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank 
2012IT-Risikomanagement im Cloud Computing : eine multimethodische AnalyseMartens, Benedikt
2010Performance Management der IT-Governance bei der Henkel AG & Co. KGaAMartens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank ; Goss, Andreas
2011Risk and Compliance Management for Cloud Computing Services: Designing a Reference ModelMartens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank 
2011Towards a Reference Model for Risk and Compliance Management of IT Services in a Cloud Computing EnvironmentMartens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank 
2009Why risk management matters in IT outsourcing - A systematic literature review and elements of a research agendaMartens, Benedikt; Teuteberg, Frank