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2000Combined study of KNbO3 and KTaO3 by different techniques of photoelectron and X-ray emission spectroscopyPostnikov, AV; Schneider, B; Neumann, M; Hartmann, D; Hesse, H; Moewes, A; Kurmaev, EZ; Matteucci, M
2005Core-level spectroscopic study of FeO and FeS2Prince, KC; Matteucci, M; Kuepper, K ; Chiuzbaian, SG; Bartkowski, S; Neumann, M
2004Electronic and magnetic properties of highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6Kuepper, K ; Balasz, I; Hesse, H; Winiarski, A; Prince, KC; Matteucci, M; Wett, D; Szargan, R; Burzo, E; Neumann, M
2005Electronic structure of A- and B-site doped lanthanum manganites: A combined X-ray spectroscopic studyKuepper, K ; Falub, MC; Prince, KC; Galakhov, VR; Troyanchuk, IO; Chiuzbaian, SG; Matteucci, M; Wett, D; Szargan, R; Ovechkina, NA; Mukovskii, YM; Neumann, M
2005Electronic structure of highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6: XPS and XES studiesKuepper, K ; Kadiroglu, M; Postnikov, V; Prince, KC; Matteucci, M; Galakhov, VR; Hesse, H; Borstel, G; Neumann, M
1999Electronic structure of KNbO3: Nb M-4,M-5 x-ray-fluorescence measurementsMoewes, A; Postnikov, AV; Schneider, B; Kurmaev, EZ; Matteucci, M; Cherkashenko, VM; Hartmann, D; Hesse, H; Neumann, M
2001Inelastic x-ray scattering measurements of iron organophosphonateFinkelstein, LD; Postnikov, PV; Kurmaev, EZ; Matteucci, M; Robert, G; Schneider, B; Neumann, M; Bellitto, C
2000Photon energy dependence of the Gd 4d photoemissionSzade, J; Neumann, M; Karla, I; Schneider, B; Fangmeyer, F; Matteucci, M
2004Resonant Raman x-ray scattering at the S 2p edge of iron pyritePrince, KC; Kuepper, K ; Neumann, M; Cocco, L; Bondino, F; Zangrando, M; Zacchigna, M; Matteucci, M; Parmigiani, F
2004The electronic structure of KTaO3: a combined x-ray spectroscopic investigationKuepper, K ; Postnikov, AV; Moewes, A; Schneider, B; Matteucci, M; Hesse, H; Neumann, M