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19995-aza-7-deaza-2 `-deoxyguanosine: Oligonucleotide duplexes with novel base pairs, parallel chain orientation and protonation sites in the core of a double helixSeela, F; Melenewski, A
20015-aza-7-deazaguanine DNA: Recognition and strand orientation of oligonucleotides incorporating anomeric imidazo[1,2-a]-1,3,5-triazine nucleosidesSeela, F; Amberg, S; Melenewski, A; Rosemeyer, H 
1997Four-stranded DNA formed by isoguanine quartets: Complex stoichiometry, thermal stability and resistance against exonucleasesSeela, F; Wei, CF; Melenewski, A
1996Isoguanine quartets formed by d(T(4)isoG(4)T(4)): Tetraplex identification and stabilitySeela, F; Wei, CF; Melenewski, A
1997Oligonucleotides containing consecutive 2'-deoxyisoguanosine residues: Synthesis, parallel duplex formation and identification of a d(T(4)iG(4)T(4)) tetraplexSeela, F; Wei, CF; Melenewski, A
1999Parallel-stranded DNA formed by new base pairs related to the isoguanine-cytosine or isocytosine-guanine motifsSeela, F; Wei, CF; Melenewski, A; He, Y; Kroschel, R; Feiling, E
1998Parallel-stranded duplex DNA and self-assembled quartet structures formed by isoguanine and related basesSeela, F; Wei, CF; Melenewski, A; Feiling, E
1997Parallel-stranded duplexes and quartet assemblies formed by oligonucleotides containing isoguanine.Seela, Frank; Wei, C; Melenewski, A; Leonard, P
1996Synthesis and application of novel nucleoside phosphonates and phosphoramidites modified at the base moietySeela, F; Chen, YM; Melenewski, A; Rosemeyer, H ; Wei, CF
2002The alpha-D anomer of 5-aza-7-deaza-2 `-deoxyguanosineSeela, F; Rosemeyer, H ; Melenewski, A; Heithoff, EM; Eickmeier, H; Reuter, H