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1999Dynamic properties of multiple grating formation in doped and thermally treated lead germanateMendricks, S; Yue, X; Pankrath, R; Hesse, H; Kip, D
2001Influence of oxidizing treatments on the photorefractive properties of ferroelectric lead germanate crystalsHu, Y; Kip, D; Mendricks, S; Yue, XF; Kratzig, E
1999Multiple phase gratings in pure, Yb- and P-doped Pb5Ge3O11 after different thermal treatmentsYue, XF; Mendricks, S; Nikolajsen, T; Hesse, H; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
1997Optical absorption and light-induced charge transport of Fe2+ in BaTiO3Mazur, A; Schirmer, OF; Mendricks, S
1998Optical waveguides in lead germanate formed by MeV proton and helium ion implantationKip, D; Mendricks, S; Moretti, P
1996Oxygen vacancies in BaTiO3Scharfschwerdt, R; Mazur, A; Schirmer, OF; Hesse, H; Mendricks, S
1999Photoactive Pb3+ host lattice ions in photorefractive Pb5Ge3O11 characterized by ODMR and EPR.Pape, M; Reyher, H.-J.; Hausfeld, N; Mendricks, S
1998Photorefractive effect in doped Pb5Ge3O11 and in (Pb1-xBax)(5)Ge3O11Yue, XF; Mendricks, S; Hu, Y; Hesse, H; Kip, D
1998Photorefractive light amplification by forward four-wave mixing in BaTiO3Neumann, J; Mendricks, S; Kratzig, E; Goulkov, M; Odoulov, S
1997Refractive indices of photorefractive bismuth titanate, barium-calcium titanate, bismuth germanium oxide, and lead germanateSimon, M; Mersch, F; Kuper, C; Mendricks, S; Wevering, S; Imbrock, J; Kratzig, E
1999Transient enhancement of photorefractive gratings in lead germanate by homogeneous pyroelectric fieldsYue, XF; Mendricks, S; Nikolajsen, T; Hesse, H; Kip, D; Kratzig, E