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2003Almost-periodic wave packets and wave packets of invariant shapeMentrup, D; Luban, M
2002Heisenberg spin triangles in {V-6}-type magnetic molecules: Experiment and theoryLuban, M; Borsa, F; Bud'ko, S; Canfield, PC; Jun, S; Jung, JK; Kogerler, P; Mentrup, D; Muller, A; Modler, R; Procissi, D; Suh, BJ; Torikachvili, M
2003Isothermal quantum dynamics: Nose-Hoover dynamics for coherent statesMentrup, D; Schnack, J 
2000Magnetism and spin dynamics in the cluster compound [Cr4S(O2CCH3)(8)(H2O)(4)](NO3)(2)center dot H2OFurukawa, Y; Luban, M; Borsa, F; Johnston, DC; Mahajan, AV; Miller, LL; Mentrup, D; Schnack, J ; Bino, A
2001Nose-Hoover dynamics for coherent statesMentrup, D; Schnack, J 
2003Nose-Hoover sampling of quantum entangled distribution functionsMentrup, D; Schnack, J 
1999Spin dynamics of quantum and classical Heisenberg dimersMentrup, D; Schnack, J ; Luban, M
2000Transition from quantum to classical Heisenberg trimers: thermodynamics and time correlation functionsMentrup, D; Schmidt, HJ; Schnack, J ; Luban, M