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2009A molecular key for building hyphae aggregates: the role of the newly identified Streptomyces protein HyaSKoebsch, Ilona; Overbeck, Jens; Piepmeyer, Sophie; Meschke, Holger; Schrempf, Hildgund 
2012Characterization and localization of prodiginines from Streptomyces lividans suppressing Verticillium dahliae in the absence or presence of Arabidopsis thalianaMeschke, Holger; Walter, Stefan; Schrempf, Hildgund 
2011Extracellular Streptomyces vesicles: amphorae for survival and defenceSchrempf, Hildgund ; Koebsch, Ilona; Walter, Stefan; Engelhardt, Harald; Meschke, Holger
2010Streptomyces lividans inhibits the proliferation of the fungus Verticillium dahliae on seeds and roots of Arabidopsis thalianaMeschke, Holger; Schrempf, Hildgund