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1989A multisectoral econometric model with markets for commodities and financial assetsMeyer, B.
1989A neoclassical input-output-model based on "make"- and "use"-tablesMeyer, B.
2003Effects and perspectives of environmental fiscal reform in Germany - a model-based analysis [Auswirkungen und Perspektiven der Ökologischen Steuerreform in Deutschland: Eine modellgestützte Analyse]Bach, S.; Kohlhaas, M.; Meyer, B.; Praetorius, B.; Welsch, H.
2005Global multisector/multicountry 3 - E modelling: From compass to ginfors [Modelización global 3-e multisector/multipaís: De compass a ginfors]Meyer, B.; Lutz, C.; Wolter, M.I.
2011Modelling an ETR for EuropeBarker, T.; Lutz, C.; Meyer, B.; Pollitt, H.; Speck, S.
2011Models for Projecting the Impacts of ETRBarker, T.; Lutz, C.; Meyer, B.; Pollitt, H.
2007National economic policy simulations with global interdependencies: A sensitivity analysis for GermanyMeyer, B.; Lutz, C.; Schnur, P.; Zika, G.
1999Quality and identity of accompanying fatally ill and dying patients in a hospital as exemplified by the SPES VIVA palliative project [Zur Qualität und Identität von Sterbebegleitung im Krankenhaus am Beispiel des Palliativprojektes SPES VIVA]Hardinghaus, W.; Rogner, J.; Meyer, B.
2010The global multisector/multicountry 3-E model Ginfors. A description of the model and a baseline forecast for global energy demand and CO2 emissionsLutz, C.; Meyer, B.; Wolter, M.I.
2009Therapeutic interventions supplementary to the psychotherapy of obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) -... something more that can be helpful to cure obsessive compulsions [Therapiebegleitende Interventionen bei der Behandlung von Zwangsstörungen... was Sonst nocn Gegen Zwänge hilft]Wölk, C.; Raubart, G.; Dörenkämper, B.; Kalkhoff, R.; Meyer, B.; Seebeck, A.; Tepe, S.