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2006Application of the Hilbert space average method on heat conduction modelsMichel, M; Gemmer, J ; Mahler, G
2005Emergence of thermodynamic behavior within composite quantum systemsMahler, G; Gemmer, J ; Michel, M
2005Fourier's law from Schrodinger dynamicsMichel, M; Mahler, G; Gemmer, J 
2005From pure Schrodingerian to statistical dynamicsGemmer, J ; Michel, M
2005Global and local relaxation of a spin chain under exact Schrodinger and master-equation dynamicsHenrich, MJ; Michel, M; Hartmann, M; Mahler, G; Gemmer, J 
2004Heat conductivity in small quantum systems: Kubo formula in Liouville spaceMichel, M; Gemmer, J ; Mahler, G
2006Limited validity of the Kubo formula for thermal conduction in modular quantum systemsGemmer, J ; Steinigeweg, R ; Michel, M
2006Non-Markovian quantum dynamics: Correlated projection superoperators and Hilbert space averagingBreuer, HP; Gemmer, J ; Michel, M
2005Quantum heat transport: Perturbation theory in Liouville spaceMichel, M; Gemmer, J ; Mahler, G
2006Thermalization of quantum systems by finite bathsGemmer, J ; Michel, M