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2004Luminescence in SrTiO3 and LiNbO3 crystals under high density pulsed electron excitationGrigorjeva, L; Millers, D; Trepakov, V; Kapphan, S
2002Pulsed electron beam excited transient absorption in SrTiO3Millers, D; Grigorjeva, L; Pankratov, V; Trepakov, VA; Kapphan, SE
2002Relaxation of electronic excitations in strontium titanateMillers, D; Pankratov, V; Grigorjeva, L; Kapphan, S; Trepakov, V
2000Theoretical and experimental study of primary radiation defects in KNbO3 perovskite crystalsKotomin, EA; Eglitis, RI; Borstel, G; Grigorjeva, L; Millers, D; Pankratov, V