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2018Altruistic punishment is connected to trait anger, not trait altruism, if compensation is availableRodrigues, Johannes; Nagowski, Natalie; Mussel, Patrick; Hewig, Johannes
2017Measuring Prosocial Tendencies in Germany: Sources of Validity and Reliablity of the Revised Prosocial Tendency MeasureRodrigues, Johannes; Ulrich, Natalie; Mussel, Patrick; Carlo, Gustavo; Hewig, Johannes
2016Patterns of theta oscillation reflect the neural basis of individual differences in epistemic motivationMussel, Patrick; Ulrich, Natalie; Allen, John J. B.; Osinsky, Roman ; Hewig, Johannes
2017The Feedback-related Negativity Reflects the Combination of Instantaneous and Long-term Values of Decision OutcomesOsinsky, Roman ; Ulrich, Natalie; Mussel, Patrick; Feser, Lena; Gunawardena, Aruni; Hewig, Johannes
2017Work first then play: Prior task difficulty increases motivation-related brain responses in a risk gameSchmidt, Barbara; Mussel, Patrick; Osinsky, Roman ; Rasch, Bjoern; Debener, Stefan; Hewig, Johannes