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1999Direct laser writing of surface reliefs in dry, self-developing photopolymer filmsNeumann, J; Wieking, KS; Kip, D
1999Holographic scattering in photorefractive potassium tantalate-niobate crystalsRowe, M; Neumann, J; Kratzig, E; Odoulov, S
1996Holographic scattering lines observed with photorefractive BaTiO3Neumann, J; Jakel, G; Kratzig, E
1999Linear electrooptic coefficient r(42) of tetragonal potassium-tantalate-niobate and barium-calcium-titanateNeumann, J; Rowe, M; Veenhuis, H; Pankrath, R; Kratzig, E
1997Mirrorless oscillation in photorefractive crystalsJakel, G; Kratzig, E; Neumann, J; Dankers, S; Odoulov, S
1998Model for multiwave-pumped parametric oscillation in BaTiO3Sturman, BI; Limeres, J; Carrascosa, M; Neumann, J
1997Parametric amplification of a coherent light wave in photorefractive BaTiO3 by a single pump beamNeumann, J; Odoulov, S
1998Photorefractive amplification and generation of light beams in BaTiO3 controlled by the intensity of the pump lightNeumann, J; Rowe, M; Kratzig, E
1998Photorefractive light amplification by forward four-wave mixing in BaTiO3Neumann, J; Mendricks, S; Kratzig, E; Goulkov, M; Odoulov, S