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2013A Lepidopteran-Specific Gene Family Encoding Valine-Rich Midgut ProteinsOdman-Naresh, Jothini; Duevel, Margret ; Muthukrishnan, Subbaratnam; Merzendorfer, Hans 
2010A Novel Role of the Yeast CaaX Protease Ste24 in Chitin SynthesisMeissner, Derek; Odman-Naresh, Jothini; Vogelpohl, Inga; Merzendorfer, Hans 
2015Chitin is a necessary component to maintain the barrier function of the peritrophic matrix in the insect midgutKelkenberg, Marco; Odman-Naresh, Jothini; Muthukrishnan, Subbaratnam; Merzendorfer, Hans 
2014High resolution genetic mapping uncovers chitin synthase-1 as the target-site of the structurally diverse mite growth inhibitors clofentezine, hexythiazox and etoxazole in Tetranychus urticaeDemaeght, Peter; Osborne, Edward J.; Odman-Naresh, Jothini; Grbic, Miodrag; Nauen, Ralf; Merzendorfer, Hans ; Clark, Richard M.; Van Leeuwen, Thomas