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2003Anisotropy of the dielectric permittivity of Sn2P2S6 measured with light-induced grating techniquesShumelyuk, A; Barilov, D; Odoulov, S; Kratzig, E
2001Electric-field enhancement of beam coupling in Sn2P2S6Shumelyuk, A; Odoulov, S; Kip, D; Kratzig, E
2002Holographic light scattering in photorefractive crystals with local responseGoulkov, M; Odoulov, S; Woike, T; Imbrock, J; Imlau, M ; Kratzig, E; Baumer, C; Hesse, H
2005Holographic recording with reduced intermodulation noise in periodically poled lithium niobateWerner, M; Woike, T; Imlau, M ; Odoulov, S
1999Holographic scattering in photorefractive potassium tantalate-niobate crystalsRowe, M; Neumann, J; Kratzig, E; Odoulov, S
1997Mirrorless oscillation in photorefractive crystalsJakel, G; Kratzig, E; Neumann, J; Dankers, S; Odoulov, S
1996New photorefractive ferroelectric material for red and NearInfraRed: Tin hypothiodiphosphateOdoulov, S; Shumelyuk, A; Hellwig, U; Rupp, R; Brost, G
1997Parametric amplification of a coherent light wave in photorefractive BaTiO3 by a single pump beamNeumann, J; Odoulov, S
2001Photorefractive amplifier-converter and coherent oscillator with nonexponential gainJullien, J; Lompre, P; Mathey, P; Odoulov, S; Kratzig, E
1998Photorefractive light amplification by forward four-wave mixing in BaTiO3Neumann, J; Mendricks, S; Kratzig, E; Goulkov, M; Odoulov, S
2000Seeded and spontaneous light hexagons in LiNbO3 : FeOdoulov, S; Sturman, B; Kratzig, E
2001Studies of light-induced charge transfer in Sn2P2S6 by combined EPR/optical absorption spectroscopyRuediger, A; Schirmer, O; Odoulov, S; Shumelyuk, A; Grabar, A
2001Threshold of oscillation in a ring-loop phase conjugator as a second-order optical phase transitionGoul'kov, M; Shinkarenko, O; Odoulov, S; Kratzig, E; Pankrath, R