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2009Atomic Manipulation on an Insulator SurfaceHirth, Sabine; Ostendorf, Frank; Reichling, Michael 
2008Atomic scale evidence for faceting stabilization of a polar oxide surfaceOstendorf, Frank; Torbruegge, Stefan; Reichling, Michael 
2009Evidence for Potassium Carbonate Crystallites on Air-Cleaved Mica SurfacesOstendorf, Frank; Schmitz, Carsten; Hirth, Sabine; Kuehnle, Angelika; Kolodziej, Jacek J.; Reichling, Michael 
2009Growth of ordered C-60 islands on TiO2(110)Loske, Felix; Bechstein, Ralf; Schuette, Jens; Ostendorf, Frank; Reichling, Michael ; Kuehnle, Angelika
2009Stabilization of Zinc-Terminated ZnO(0001) by a Modified Surface StoichiometryTorbruegge, Stefan; Ostendorf, Frank; Reichling, Michael 
2008Strukturuntersuchungen an mineralischen und polaren OberflächenOstendorf, Frank