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2022Analyzing Barriers to Digital Transformation in the German Engineering Industry - A Comparison of Digitalized and Non-Digitalized EnterprisesBrink, Henning; Packmohr, Sven
2022Barriers to Digital Higher Education Teaching and How to Overcome Them—Lessons Learned during the COVID-19 PandemicDraxler-Weber, Nicole; Packmohr, Sven; Brink, Henning
2019Barriers to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Development of a Research AgendaVogelsang, Kristin; Liere-Netheler, Kirsten; Packmohr, Sven; Hoppe, Uwe 
2023Barriers to Digital Transformation in SMEs: A Quantitative StudyBrink, Henning; Packmohr, Sven
2007Barter als Geschäftsmodell für den interuniversitären Tausch von LehrangebotenHoppe, Uwe ; Packmohr, Sven
2021Comparing Pre- and Intra-Covid-19 students’ perception of the digitalization of higher education institutionsPackmohr, Sven; Brink, Henning
2023Digitising Miles and Snow: using cluster analysis to empirically derive digital business strategy typesMies, Yannick A. A.; Hausberg, J. Piet; Packmohr, Sven
2018Drivers of Digital Transformation in ManufacturingLiere-Netheler, Kirsten; Packmohr, Sven; Vogelsang, Kristin
2011Entwicklung eines qualitativen Vorgehens zur Erhebung von Portfolio-Analysen für die Strategische Unternehmensplanung und Anwendung in der Digitalen ÖkonomiePackmohr, Sven
2023Evaluating the Impact of Strategies on Students’ Perceptions of Digital Transformation – A Case Study of a Swedish Higher Education InstitutionBrink, Henning; Mårtensson, Ellen; Hylén, Carina Ström; Packmohr, Sven
2019Research Streams on Digital Transformation from a Holistic Business Perspective: A Systematic Literature Review and Citation Network AnalysisHausberg, J. ; Liere-Netheler, Kirsten; Packmohr, Sven; Pakura, Stefanie; Vogelsang, Kristin
2022Research-Based Learning during a Pandemic -Findings from a Course on Business Informatics Conducting Research on Barriers to Digital TransformationPackmohr, Sven; Brink, Henning
2018Success factors for fostering a digital transformation in manufacturing companiesVogelsang, Kristin; Liere-Netheler, Kirsten; Packmohr, Sven; Hoppe, Uwe 
2018Towards a Framework for Digital Transformation Success in ManufacturingLiere-Netheler, Kirsten; Vogelsang, Kristin; Packmohr, Sven; Hoppe, Uwe 
2023Unpacking Differences in Perceptions of Barriers to Digital Transformation – A Socio-Demographic AnalysisPackmohr, Sven; Paul, Fynn-Hendrik; Brink, Henning
2023Using Research-Based Learning on Barriers to Digital Transformation to Impact Student Engagement during a PandemicPackmohr, Sven; Brink, Henning