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2016A beta-mediated spine changes in the hippocampus are microtubule-dependent and can be reversed by a subnanomolar concentration of the microtubule-stabilizing agent epothilone DPenazzi, Lorene; Tackenberg, Christian; Ghori, Adnan; Golovyashkina, Nataliya; Niewidok, Benedikt; Selle, Karolin; Ballatore, Carlo; Smith, III, Amos B.; Bakota, Lidia; Brandt, Roland 
2020Chronic Presence of Oligomeric A beta Differentially Modulates Spine Parameters in the Hippocampus and Cortex of Mice With Low APP Transgene ExpressionHrynchak, Mariya; Rierola, Marina; Golovyashkina, Nataliya; Penazzi, Lorene; Pump, Wiebke C.; David, Bastian; Suendermann, Frederik; Brandt, Roland ; Bakota, Lidia
2017DMSO modulates CNS function in a preclinical Alzheimer's disease modelPenazzi, Lorene; Lorengel, Julia; Suendermann, Frederik; Golovyashkina, Nataliya; Marre, Stefan; Mathis, Chantal M. B.; Lewejohann, Lars ; Brandt, Roland ; Bakota, Lidia
2016Microtubule Dynamics in Neuronal Development, Plasticity, and NeurodegenerationPenazzi, Lorene; Bakota, Lidia; Brandt, Roland 
2015Region-specific dendritic simplification induced by A beta, mediated by tau via dysregulation of microtubule dynamics: a mechanistic distinct event from other neurodegenerative processesGolovyashkina, Nataliya; Penazzi, Lorene; Ballatore, Carlo; Smith, III, Amos B.; Bakota, Lidia; Brandt, Roland