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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A fluid EOQ model with a two-state random environmentBerman, O; Perry, D; Stadje, W 
2004A generalized impulse control model of cash managementBar-Ilan, A; Perry, D; Stadje, W 
2006A Markovian growth-collapse modelBoxma, O; Perry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S
2003A stochastic clearing model with a Brownian and a compound Poisson componentKella, O; Perry, D; Stadje, W 
2005A two-sided first-exit problem for a compound poisson process with a random upper boundaryPerry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S
2004Actuarial valuation of perishable inventory systemsNahmias, S; Perry, D; Stadje, W 
2000An inventory system for perishable items with by-productsPerry, D; Stadje, W 
2003Annuities with controlled random interest ratesPerry, D; Stadje, W ; Yosef, R
2002Boundary crossing for the difference of two ordinary or compound Poisson processesPerry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S
2000Busy period analysis for M/G/1 and G/M/1 type queues with restricted accessibilityPerry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S
2001Clearing models for M/G/1 queuesBoxma, OJ; Perry, D; Stadje, W 
1999Contributions to the theory of first-exit times of some compound processes in queueing theoryPerry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S
2005Control policies for inventory systems with perishable items - Outsourcing and urgency classesBar-Lev, SK; Perry, D; Stadje, W 
2001Disasters in a Markovian inventory system for perishable itemsPerry, D; Stadje, W 
2003Duality of dams via mountain processesPerry, D; Stadje, W 
2002Exact distributions in a jump-diffusion storage modelPerry, D; Stadje, W 
2002First-exit times for compound Poisson processes for some types of positive and negative jumpsPerry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S
2001Function space integration for annuitiesPerry, D; Stadje, W 
1999Heavy traffic analysis of a queueing system with bounded capacity for two types of customersPerry, D; Stadje, W 
2002Hitting and ruin probabilities for compound Poisson processes and the cycle maximum of the M/G/1 queuePerry, D; Stadje, W ; Zacks, S