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2020Electrophysiological correlates of gist perception: a steady-state visually evoked potentials studyRadtke, Elise L.; Schoene, Benjamin; Martens, Ulla; Gruber, Thomas 
2021Emotion Regulation Abilities Compensate for the Depression-Related Negativity BiasDüsing, Rainer; Radtke, Elise L.; Kuhl, Julius ; Konradt, Carsten; Vandekerckhove, Marie; Quirin, Markus
2021Emotion regulation ability compensates for the depression-related negativity biasDuesing, Rainer; Radtke, Elise L.; Kuhl, Julius ; Konrad, Carsten; Vandekerckhove, Marie; Quirin, Markus
2019Individual differences in emotion regulation abilities : action orientation's impact on intuition, negativity bias in depression, and self-infiltrationRadtke, Elise L.
2022Not the Master of Your Volitional Mind? The Roles of the Right Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Personality Traits in Unconscious Introjections Versus Self-Chosen GoalsQuirin, Markus; Kerber, Andre; Kuestermann, Ekkehard; Radtke, Elise L.; Kazen, Miguel; Konrad, Carsten; Baumann, Nicola; Ryan, Richard M.; Ennis, Michael; Kuhl, Julius 
2020Personality, Stress, and Intuition: Emotion Regulation Abilities Moderate the Effect of Stress-Dependent Cortisol Increase on Coherence JudgmentsRadtke, Elise L.; Duesing, Rainer; Kuhl, Julius ; Tops, Mattie; Quirin, Markus
2014The role of oxytocin and alexithymia in the therapeutic processQuirin, Markus; Carter, C. Sue; Bode, Regina C.; Duesing, Rainer; Radtke, Elise L.; Tops, Mattie
2021The steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) reflects the activation of cortical object representations: evidence from semantic stimulus repetitionRadtke, Elise L.; Martens, Ulla; Gruber, Thomas