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2010Magnetic cluster developement in In1-x Mn (x) Sb semiconductor alloysRednic, Lidia; Deac, Iosif G.; Dorolti, Eugen; Coldea, Marin; Rednic, Vasile; Neumann, Manfred
2011MAGNETIC CLUSTERS DEVELOPMENT IN OXIDIZED CeNi5 POWDERRednic, Lidia; Coldea, Marin; Deac, Iosif Grigore; Rednic, Vasile; Aldea, Nicolae; Neumann, Manfred
2008X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetism of Mn(1-x)Al(x)Ni(3) alloysRednic, Vasile; Rednic, Lidia; Coldea, Marin; Pop, Viorel; Neumann, Manfred; Pacurariu, Roxana; Tunyagi, Arthur R.