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2008Area co-operations as an instrument of public participation for implementing the EU Water Framework Directive: Networking and social learningBorowski, I.; Kastens, B.; Ridder, D.
2013Capacity building and knowledge transferRotter, S.; van Scheltinga, C.T.; van Bers, C. ; Ridder, D.; Jaspers, F.; van der Keur, P.
2006Methods for stakeholder participation in water managementHare, M.P.; Barreteau, O.; Beck, M.B.; Letcher, R.A.; Mostert, E.; Tàbara, J.D.; Ridder, D.; Cogan, V.; Pahl-Wostl, C. 
2005Participatory Integrated Assessment in local level planningRidder, D.; Pahl-Wostl, C. 
2007Social learning in water management: Lessons from the HarmoniCOP 6 projectWolters, H.; Ridder, D.; Mostert, E.; Otter, H.; Patel, M.
2013Tools and instruments for adaptive managementRidder, D.; Rotter, S.; Mostert, E.; Isendahl, N.; Hirsch, D.