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2010Clear Signature of the (2 x 1) Reconstruction of Calcite (10(1)over-bar4)Schuette, Jens; Rahe, Philipp ; Troeger, Lutz; Rode, Sebastian; Bechstein, Ralf; Reichling, Michael ; Kuehnle, Angelika
2010Monolayer Structure of Arachidic Acid on GraphiteThomas, Loji K.; Kuehnle, Angelika; Rode, Sebastian; Beginn, Uwe ; Reichling, Michael 
2011Surface Modification of Luminescent Lanthanide Phosphate Nanorods with Cationic ``Quat-primer'' PolymersKomban, Rajesh; Beckmann, Ralph; Rode, Sebastian; Ichilmann, Sachar; Kuehnle, Angelika; Beginn, Uwe ; Haase, Markus 
2013Thermal noise limit for ultra-high vacuum noncontact atomic force microscopyLuebbe, Jannis; Temmen, Matthias; Rode, Sebastian; Rahe, Philipp ; Kuehnle, Angelika; Reichling, Michael 
2009True Atomic-Resolution Imaging of (10(1)over-bar4) Calcite in Aqueous Solution by Frequency Modulation Atomic Force MicroscopyRode, Sebastian; Oyabu, Noriaki; Kobayashi, Kei; Yamada, Hirofumi; Kuehnle, Angelika