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2001alpha-homo-DNA and RNA form a parallel oriented non-A, non-B-type double helical structureFroeyen, M; Lescrinier, E; Kerremans, L; Rosemeyer, H ; Seela, F; Verbeure, B; Lagoja, I; Rozenski, J; Van Aerschot, A; Busson, R; Herdewijn, P
2003Cleavage of DNA without loss of genetic information by incorporation of a disaccharide nucleosideNauwelaerts, K; Vastmans, K; Froeyen, M; Kempeneers, V; Rozenski, J; Rosemeyer, H ; Van Aerschot, A; Busson, R; Lacey, JC; Efimtseva, E; Mikhailov, S; Lescrinier, E; Herdewijn, P
2002Selection of new sequence-selective unnatural peptides binding to double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acids (dsDNA) by means of a gel-retardation experiment for library analysisChaltin, P; Lescrinier, E; Lescrinier, T; Rozenski, J; Hendrix, C; Rosemeyer, H ; Busson, R; Van Aerschot, A; Herdewijn, P