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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Absorption changes under UV illumination in doped PMMAHavermeyer, F; Pruner, C; Rupp, RA; Schubert, DW; Kratzig, E
1997Absorption gratings in ferroelectric Bi4Ti3O12Yue, X; Mersch, F; Rupp, RA; Kratzig, E
2004Angular and wavelength selectivity of parasitic holograms in cerium doped strontium barium niobateEllabban, MA; Fally, M; Imlau, M ; Woike, T; Rupp, RA; Granzow, T
1998Characteristic features of ultraviolet photorefraction in iron-doped alpha-LiIO3 at low temperaturesXu, JJ; Kabelka, H; Rupp, RA; Laeri, F; Vietze, U
1999Comparison of contactless methods for measuring the conductivity of alpha-LiIO3Rupp, RA; Kabelka, H; Xu, JJ
1998Diffraction-efficiency enhancement of photorefractive gratings in Bi4Ti3O12 at low temperaturesYue, XF; Buse, K; Mersch, F; Kratzig, E; Rupp, RA
1999Electrooptic effect for cold neutrons in photorefractive materialsHavermeyer, F; Rupp, RA; May, RP
1996Holographic recording at 633 nm in the garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12Sugg, B; Gnatchenko, SL; Rupp, RA
2002Light-induced extinction originating from holographic scatteringImlau, M ; Woike, T; Schaniel, D; Schefer, J; Fally, M; Rupp, RA
1998Light-induced optical absorption in the garnet Ca3Mn2Ge3O12Bedarev, VA; Gnatchenko, SL; Rupp, RA; Sugg, B
2000Neutron diffraction from holographic gratings in PMMAHavermeyer, F; Rupp, RA; Schubert, DW; Kratzig, E
1999Neutron diffraction from thermally fixed gratings in photorefractive lithium niobate crystalsNee, I; Buse, K; Havermeyer, F; Rupp, RA; Fally, M; May, RP
1998Nondestructive resolution of higher harmonics of light-induced volume gratings in PMMA with cold neutronsHavermeyer, F; Lyuksyutov, SF; Rupp, RA; Eckerlebe, H; Staron, P; Vollbrandt, J
1998Origin of near-infrared optical damage on proustite surfacesShcherbin, KV; Odoulov, SG; Sugg, B; Hartmann, D; Neumann, M; Rupp, RA
1996Phase gratings in the visible and near-infrared spectral range realized by metastable electronic states in Na-2[Fe(CN)(5)NO]center dot 2H(2)OWoike, T; Haussuhl, S; Sugg, B; Rupp, RA; Beckers, J; Imlau, M ; Schieder, R
1996Photorefraction in tin hypothiodiphosphate in the near infraredOdoulov, SG; Shumelyuk, AN; Hellwig, U; Rupp, RA; Grabar, AA; Stoyka, IM
1996Photorefractive beam coupling in tin hypothiodiphosphate in the near infraredOdoulov, SG; Shumelyuk, AN; Hellwig, U; Rupp, RA; Grabar, AA
1998Photorefractive charge compensation during holographic recording in Bi4Ti3O12Yue, X; Kratzig, E; Rupp, RA
1997Photorefractive properties of Bi4Ti3O12Yue, XF; Xu, JJ; Mersch, F; Rupp, RA; Kratzig, E
2004Specific recording kinetics as a general property of unconventional photorefractive mediaFally, M; Imlau, M ; Rupp, RA; Ellabban, MA; Woike, T