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2001Protein import channel of the outer mitochondrial membrane: a highly stable Tom40-Tom22 core structure differentially interacts with preproteins, small Tom proteins, and import receptorsMeisinger, C; Ryan, MT; Hill, K; Model, K; Lim, JH; Sickmann, A; Muller, H; Meyer, HE; Wagner, R ; Pfanner, N
2000The transport machinery for the import of preproteins across the outer mitochondrial membraneRyan, MT; Wagner, R ; Pfanner, N
1999Tom22 is a multifunctional organizer of the mitochondrial preprotein translocasevan Wilpe, S; Ryan, MT; Hill, K; Maarse, AC; Meisinger, C; Brix, J; Dekker, PJT; Moczko, M; Wagner, R ; Meijer, M; Guiard, B; Honlinger, A; Pfanner, N
1998Tom40 forms the hydrophilic channel of the mitochondrial import pore for preproteinsHill, K; Model, K; Ryan, MT; Dietmeier, K; Martin, F; Wagner, R ; Pfanner, N