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1997Functional and idling rotatory motion within F-1-ATPaseSabbert, D; Engelbrecht, S; Junge, W 
1996Intersubunit rotation in active F-ATPaseSabbert, D; Engelbrecht, S; Junge, W 
1996Photorefractive properties of tetragonal KTa0.52Nb0.48O3:Fe crystals and explanation by the three-valence charge-transport modelBuse, K; Loheide, S; Sabbert, D; Kratzig, E
1996Rotatory catalysis by F-ATPase: Real-time recording of intersubunit rotationJunge, W ; Sabbert, D; Engelbrecht, S
1997Stepped versus continuous rotatory motors at the molecular scaleSabbert, D; Junge, W