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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998A multichannel spectrometer for correlated EPR-optical absorption analysis of photochromic processes in crystalsKrose, H; Scharfschwerdt, R; Mazur, A; Schirmer, OF
2000An off-center ion near a Ba site in BaTiO3 as studied by EPR under uniaxial stressLenjer, S; Scharfschwerdt, R; Kool, TW; Schirmer, OF
2001Combined EPR/optical investigations of light-induced charge transfers in photorefractive materialsSchirmer, OF; Meyer, M; Rudiger, A; Veber, C
2002Conduction states in oxide perovskites: Three manifestations of Ti3+ Jahn-Teller polarons in barium titanateLenjer, S; Schirmer, OF; Hesse, H; Kool, TW
2000Electron paramagnetic resonance of Ce3+ in strontium-barium niobateWingbermuhle, J; Meyer, M; Schirmer, OF; Pankrath, R; Kremer, RK
1999Fermi-level engineering of BaTiO3 by alkali codoping: increasing the near-infrared absorption by rhodiumScharfschwerdt, R; Schirmer, OF; Hesse, H; Rytz, D
2004Jahn-Teller polarons in oxide perovskitesSchirmer, OF
1999Light-induced charge transfers between defects in photorefractive materialsSchirmer, OF
1999Light-induced charge transport in photorefractive BaTiO3 : Fe and Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 : FeMazur, A; Veber, C; Schirmer, OF; Kuper, C; Hesse, H
1999Light-induced charge transport processes in photorefractive Ba0.77Ca0.23TiO3 doped with ironMazur, A; Veber, C; Schirmer, OF; Kuper, C; Hesse, H
1997Light-induced charge transport processes in photorefractive barium titanate crystals doped with ironMazur, A; vanStevendaal, U; Buse, K; Weber, M; Schirmer, OF; Hesse, H; Kratzig, E
2005Multifrequency spectroscopy of defects in complex oxidesMalovichko, G; Grachev, V; Schirmer, OF
2003O- dynamic Jahn-Teller polarons in KTaO3Maiwald, M; Schirmer, OF
1996O- holes associated with alkali acceptors in BaTiO3Varnhorst, T; Schirmer, OF; Krose, H; Scharfschwerdt, R; Kool, TW
2000On the temperature dependence of the band edge of Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6Meyer, M; Wohlecke, M; Schirmer, OF
1997Optical absorption and light-induced charge transport of Fe2+ in BaTiO3Mazur, A; Schirmer, OF; Mendricks, S
2005Optically detected magnetic resonance of Cu, Fe and Mn defects in LiNbO3Pape, M; Reyher, HJ; Schirmer, OF
1996Optically detected magnetic resonance of Fe4+-O-1 in KTaO3Faust, B; Reyher, HJ; Schirmer, OF
1996Oxygen vacancies in BaTiO3Scharfschwerdt, R; Mazur, A; Schirmer, OF; Hesse, H; Mendricks, S
2002Parameters of light-induced charge transfer processes in photorefractive crystalsSchirmer, OF; Veber, C; Meyer, M